Current Version: 0.12.4

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Reported Bugs

Bug ID Reporter Description Video/Image Status
29 Vincent Crashing/Force Closing Survius reset Days Alive Medium Priority
28 Sha1Encrypted Plants can be upgraded/watered without having water canteens in inventory Fixed in Future Build
27 CannibalHero The AirDrop cycle might be off Fixed in Future Build
26 CannibalHero Nighttime is not so dark (might be intentional) Fixed in Future Build
25 DarkCoder Popup on dead wolves say "You need a knife", to be replaced with "You need a machete" Fixed in Future Build
24 DarkCoder Zombies and Spawn spawn disabled Fixed in Future Build
23 Chaozz Wolves have multiplayer issues High Priority
22 Sha1Encrypted Items disappear during transaction after box is closed and reopened without server sync Medium Priority
21 N/A Player Collider Bug Medium Priority
20 CannibalHero Opening/Closing decaying doors repair them Medium Priority
19 Sha1Encrypted Wolves Keep chasing you and are excessively aggresive Not a Bug